Our summary of our top 5 energy-saving Christmas gifts has something for everyone.

We all know that LED lightbulbs are a way to reduce your home energy consumption, but who wants to receive one in their stocking on Christmas Day? Is it possible to give presents that save energy (and therefore heating bills) at the same time?

We’ve created a round-up of the best (in our opinion) energy-saving Christmas gifts for you or your loved ones this festive season.

Smart home thermostats

For fans of connectivity we recommend smart home thermostats such as Nest and Hive. Who doesn’t like unboxing a shiny new gadget on Christmas day?

The smart thermostat lets you control your heating through a mobile device or computer, giving you energy-saving gifts home thermostatmore control over how much energy you are using.

You can change your heating and hot water controls while you’re away from the home, so if your quick pint with pals turns into one or two more you can delay your heating to come on for when you get home a bit later than originally planned.

Using room thermostats you can adjust the temperature of each room in your home, rather than heating the whole house, thereby saving you fuel. Some smart thermostats even use artificial intelligence (AI) to learn from your past activity to make adjustments to your heating on your behalf.


Leaving lights and devices switched on means that they are drawing electricity when they could be switched off.

energy-saving gifts light bulbThese programmable LED light bulbs fit into your normal ceiling lights but can be programmed to switch off after a set time, thereby saving energy.

They’re a great fun gift for kids as the colour and dimming options let them control the lighting in their room via their own remote control.





energy-saving gifts lumox nox

But if you’d just like to get everyone else in the house to switch the darned lights off when they leave a room why not try this Harry Potter reminder ‘Lumos Nox’?



energy-saving gifts plug timerIf your other half has a habit of leaving the iron/hair straighteners/radio on and walking away, then these smart plugs for Alexa, Amazon Echo, or Hive are a good choice. Or if you’re not a connected home just yet, try this countdown plug timer.






 Gym bunnies

energy-saving gifts bicycle

Exercise of any kind, particularly outdoors has the beneficial effect of keeping you warm. Getting your blood pumping will keep you warm so that your thermostat can be turned down a degree or two.

So, any type of exercise equipment can be seen as an energy saving gift, but we recommend only gifting keep fit kit if it’s been requested, otherwise you might end up in hot water!

.However, if you like Christmas traditions you could gift your loved-one a bicycle this year. As well as great exercise, cycling could help you cut down on your petrol usage by helping you to leave the car at home.

We like this Viking Belgravia Heritage Bike – a classic look using modern materials.


Master chefs

energy-saving gifts instant pot

If you’ve any budding chefs in the family, then this gift is for them. An Instant Pot is a modern pressure cooker/slow cooker that saves up to 70% electricity compared with traditional cooking methods (oven, saucepan, steamer etc). 

As the food cooks quickly under high temperature and pressure the Instant Pot means that meals are ready quicker and can be left unattended or set to timer, which perfectly suits our modern lifestyles. It cooks stews, soups, risotto and even cheesecake to perfection.

There’s a host of recipes available online, and Facebook Groups to join, so if you’re not already part of the Instant Pot revolution bag yourself one of these kitchen wizards this Christmas!




Winter warmers

energy-saving gifts

Were you ever told to put another jumper on when you are cold? Giving gifts that keep your loved-ones warm will help 

keep everyone cosy even when it is frosty outside.

It’s possible to be warm and stylish at the same time, and if you choose recycled fabrics and UK producers you can feel good about splashing out on some beautiful gifts this Christmas.

We love these recycled Wool blankets from the Tartan Blanket Company, and this fabulous range of items made from recycled cashmere from Turtle Doves.



Ditch the tech

energy-saving gifts twister

Wouldn’t it be great to switch off all the tech this Christmas and spend some time with friends and family?   If you’re able to cut down on the amount of times devices are charged then you’re sure to see a reduction in your electricity bill.

MyDomaine has a run down of the best family board games of 2018. 

Even better, play a game that gets you all moving around to generate some body heat! Twister anyone?


Solar gadgets

energy-saving gifts solar charger

If ditching the tech is too much to ask then take a look at these solar phone chargers - the ideal present for anyone who runs out of juice on a regular basis. You need to charge the power bank up using the sun’s rays ahead of using it as a power source, but every little helps.

This Aukey solar power bank is plash proof, anti-shock and dust proof so it suits even the most adventurous of family members, or for a solution that will charge multiple devices multiple times check out this Feelle solar charger power bank.


If you’d like to start reaping the benefits of a warmer home through insulation get in touch today. (Just don’t ask us to play Twister!)



Luke Ball

Written by Luke Ball

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