Internal wall insulation in Cambridge

also covering Midlands & East Anglia

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Why choose internal wall insulation?

External and internal wall insulation is ideal for homes and commercial properties with solid walls. If your home is in a conservation area or the exterior of the building cannot be changed due to space or due to being a listed building then internal insulation may help you gain the benefits of a warmer home and lower bills while still meeting the rules.

Loft Insulation
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Cost effective insulation

Many of us in the UK are paying far too much to heat our homes or commercial spaces. Internal wall insulation is one of the best ways to reduce your heating bills and save money for years to come. Prestige Energy offers a competitively priced service aimed at homeowners and business owners alike. 

Internal wall insulation is also generally cheaper to install than external insulation but remember to always consider that due to the insulation being on the inside of your property you may lose some of your overall floor area in rooms with externally facing walls!

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Experts in insulation

Experts in insulation

When it comes to insulation of any kind, you know you can trust in Prestige Energy. Our mission is to help you reduce your energy bill and carbon footprint with an easy and comprehensive service. When you choose to hire our friendly, efficient team, you can be sure of a courteous service and lasting results throughout your home or business in Cambridge, East Anglia and the Midlands.

We are also happy to provide workmanship and insurance backed guarantees for our customers, if you would like further details of these our team will be happy to advise!