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Bespoke wall coatings & finishes

When you walk down a typical street you'll see a mixture of properties. Some are more modern, some are older, some will have exposed brick, some will have a coloured render applied. You might ask why some properties have a render finish and others don’t – good question! 

There are various advantages to rendering your property some that you've probably already thought of and more that we'll outline the benefits of here!

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Aesthetics – Fall in love with your property again!

The main reason for applying render to a property is to improve the appearance. Adding a render can give your whole house a facelift and it also gives some real ‘curb-appeal’ for anyone thinking of selling or renting their property. A well rendered property can really make your home stand out!

If you already have a rendered property but the render is damaged or starting to look tired then it might be time to consider re-rendering. This will usually involve stripping off the old render then applying a new modern render system to the exposed brick or block work. For your peace of mind, these new render systems come with guarantees of 10-15 years depending on the manufacturer.

You may currently have painted brickwork, which tends to become dull very quickly and often requires re-painting every few years. Instead of spending that money on re-painting, a through colour render system is a great alternative and to make things even better our silicone enhance render systems are self-cleaning. Whilst the cost in render might be slightly higher than painting the property, it will save you money and just as importantly, your time in the longer run as you will no longer need to re-paint!

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Improve thermal Efficiency – Keep the heating in and reduce your bills!

Rendering your property will provide a slight insulating effect of its own but if you are considering rendering your walls, it's a great time to consider full external insulation.

If you are already putting scaffolding up and getting a contractor to render, this is the best and cheapest time to look at external insulation. A typical cost for rendering a property is £50-60 per square metre, whilst external insulation with render is around £100 per square metre, so insulating at the same time is going to be great value. You can also benefit from various grants and funding that can be given for insulation, which is not available for rendering and can further reduce the cost of insulation.

We have found that some of our customers actually end up spending less on external insulation with a render finish than they would on rendering alone and they also notice the difference through savings in their energy bills!

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Choosing the right render

Getting the right type of render is really important, as each type has different properties that could benefit your property or if chosen incorrectly exacerbate problems.

We typically use one of three types of render:

Acrylic – This is the cheapest type of render and can provide really vibrant colours. The drawback is that it is not breathable – and this can be an issue for some properties.

Mineral – This type of render is very tough wearing, and is somewhat breathable. It is the mid price option and is usually suitable for most instances.

Silicone Silicate – This type of render is the most expensive, but is lots of beneficial properties – it is self cleaning and breathable. One downside is that it can only really be installed in the summer months as it needs milder temperatures to be able to dry.
Our expert team will always be able to advise which type of render is best for your requirements to give a fantastic finish and a great look to your home!