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If you've ever considered switching to solar energy to power your home or business, get in touch with our team today. Embrace the power of solar panels and combine saving the planet with saving your money. Our solar panel installation service is a cost-effective and convenient way to make the change to a greener and cleaner source of power. Choose Prestige Energy if you're based in Nottingham, Cambridge, East Anglia or the Midlands to help you make the transition

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Solar panel installation

What are solar panels?

A solar panel is an environmentally friendly way of providing electricity to your home or business. The devices convert light from the sun into electricity, which can then be used to power your property instead of using traditional means such as fossil fuels. Panels are usually installed on roofs or on the ground and don't take up much space.

Installed solar panel

How do they work?

Contrary to popular belief, panels don't need direct or strong sunlight to work – meaning they're still productive even in cloudy countries such as the UK. The sunlight hits the solar PV cells that make up the panels and is then converted into direct current energy. This DC energy is then converted into alternating current energy that is used to power your home and the appliances inside it.

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Environmentally friendly solar energy

Prestige Energy is dedicated to helping you make environmentally friendly choices for your home or business in Nottingham, Cambridge, East Anglia or the Midlands. We offer an efficient and competitively priced installation service for solar panels. Not only does switching to solar energy reduce your environmental impact, but it will also save you enormous amounts of money on electricity bills.